• Knowing how to use a portable jump starter is a life skill

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    Knowing how to use a portable jump starter is a life skill. With a car jumper pack in your trunk, you don't have to worry about being trapped in a dark parking lot or by the side of the road when the car battery is dead.

    Usually, when you need to jump-start a car, you need to connect the dead battery to the working battery of another car. But relying on a stranger's car to jump can be scary and risky. Not many people usually stop when you wave, and people who park the car may have an ulterior motive. So with a portable auto jump starter, you can make the car moving again without relying on the help of strangers.

    In addition to quickly jump-starting a dead car battery, the portable auto jump starter comes with a USB connection to charge all your devices, which is important for emergencies and keeping your child entertained.
    The following are car battery charger's some functions:
    Portable charger
    LED stable flashlight
    S.O.S lighting signal for help
    Dual USB quick charge
    Cigarette lighter
    12V socket/socket

    The current jump starter can be used to charge phones, laptops, tablets, on-board appliances, and any other compact device that needs to be charged. Remember, however, that this can drain your battery. So, please keep in mind that you will need to charge your portable Jump Starter regularly.

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  • Portable jump starter is important for cars in bad weather

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    In bad weather, it is very important to have an easy to use car battery charger. When the vehicles cannot start and encounter unforeseen circumstances, it can help you start the cars immediately.

    Portable car batteries are safer and more convenient than conventional cables for jump-starting a car with a dead battery. However, if you think of them primarily as portable jump starters and battery chargers, it severely limits their potential.

    Car battery starters are also compact storage bins for electrical energy, most of which are equipped with useful built-in accessories. They can be charged with a standard extension cord, wall-plug adapter, a USB port on a running vehicle, or a cigarette lighter-style 12-volt male adapter. And most chargers provide a combination of four charging options.

    Portable jump starters have their most basic function: charge a dead battery to start the car. All battery boosters have jumper clamps connected to the car battery terminals, and almost all battery boosters have reverse polarity protection, such as Foxpeed G29 car jump starter. Some chargers are equipped with easy-to-install semi-permanent accessories that allow you to quickly connect them to the car's starting electrics without the booster clamps. In addition, most jump starters have some type of flash or area light, and at least one USB port, which can charge mobile phones, tablets, car refrigerators, and other electronic products.

    foxpeed g29 car jump starter

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  • How much do you know about car savior - Jump Starter?

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    With the development of the times, more and more people have cars. However, many people have little understanding of the car's savior, Jump Starter, and the real old drivers almost have jump starters. This article will take you in-depth exploration.

    What is a car jump starter? It is a multi-functional portable mobile power pack developed for car owners. It features the ability to jumpstart a car if the car battery is dead or otherwise fails to start it.

    The embarrassment of not being able to start the car will occur in the following situations:
    (1) Forgetting to turn off the lights all night;
    (2) The weather is cold, the outside temperature is too low, and the battery feeding is serious;
    (3) The car is idle for a long time;
    (4) The battery is seriously aging.

    In the field of auto jump starter, there are generally two types of power packs on the market: one is lead-acid battery type, the other is lithium polymer type.

    Lead-acid battery jump starters are more traditional, which adopt maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. The weight and volume are large, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current are also large, which are not convenient to carry. Lithium polymer type of jump starters are relatively new, light in weight, compact in size, and can be mastered with one hand. This kind of jump starters is generally not equipped with a charging pump, but with multi-functions. Compared with lead-acid batteries, it is more practical and more cost-effective.

    One of the key indicators for judging whether a battery booster is excellent is the ability to jump and storage time, and storage time is the most important thing for older drivers.

    Foxpeed car battery jump starter is one of the most popular new brands among jump starters, with high-quality batteries, high-cost performance, long storage time and other advantages in the circle of car friends enjoy the reputation. The times are advancing, and technology is accelerating. Foxpeed has a positive effect on the entire auto parts industry. It has always been keen on using black technology to present the best quality products for every consumer.

    car jump starter

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