Not Turn On/Not Charging

Cause Analysis Countermeasures and Preventive Measures
1. Shelve the device for a long time without charging and discharging, resulting in low voltage or damage to the battery Discharge and recharge the device at least once every 3 months; keep the battery power at about 80% when it is not in use
2. The device is not charged in time after the battery power is used up normally, causing over-discharge
3. Bad motherboard Replace with a new one
4. Abnormal connection between the motherboard and the battery pack
5. Polarization of the battery pack
Remark: The specific reason can only be determined after the device is returned

Can't Jump Start The Vehicle

Cause Analysis Countermeasures and Preventive Measures
1. Low battery Try again after fully charged (it is recommended to start the car with at least 50% power)
2. Incorrect connection method F15A smart jumper clamps:
First, connect the jumper clamps to the car battery to test whether the car battery is dead or necrosis (It is judged as a dead battery when the voltage is lower than 11V; if the car cannot be jump-started when the voltage is above 11V, it may be caused by other car problems)
a. The car battery voltage is below 11V: Within this voltage range, the jumper clamps will be activated after it is normally connected according to the manual, and the car can be jump-started after activation
b. The car battery voltage is 11-12V: Within this voltage range, you can directly remove the negative electrode of the car battery, without connecting the car battery, directly connect the jump starter and activate the jumper clamps. After the jumper clamps is activated, the car can be jump-started normally
c. F15A can measure the voltage of the car battery. If it is tested that the car battery voltage is above 12V, it means that the car battery is not dead, and there is no need to use the jump starter
3. The engine displacement exceeds the corresponding range Check the product page to confirm whether the engine displacement of the actual car that needs to be started meets the requirements
4. Bad vehicle condition The jump starter only assists in starting the car whose battery is dead or damaged. If it is a "zombie car" that has not been used for a long time or has other problems that cause the start of the car to fail, it will not work; if it fails to start after three consecutive starts according to the instructions, please confirm the condition of the car itself
5. Device damage caused by long-term exposure to harsh environment or impact The storage condition of the product is -20-25℃ and the relative humidity is less than 70% in a clean, dry and ventilated environment; please keep away from high temperature and humidity, away from heat sources, and avoid contact with corrosive materials
6. Bad jumper clamps Replace the jumper clamps (video confirmation required)
7. Battery aging In principle, the product warranty period is 1 year. If it exceeds 1 year, the product startup ability will decrease, in this case, it is recommended to replace with a new product; if it is within the warranty period, it is recommended to apply for repair
Remark: There are many reasons for the failure to jump-start the car. In order to avoid misjudgment, a video of the failure to jump-start the car with the device and a description of the car's usage are provided every time the feedback cannot be started, so as to better analyze and deal with the problem.