• Portable jump starter is important for cars in bad weather

    Posted by Foxpeed Team

    In bad weather, it is very important to have an easy to use car battery charger. When the vehicles cannot start and encounter unforeseen circumstances, it can help you start the cars immediately.

    Portable car batteries are safer and more convenient than conventional cables for jump-starting a car with a dead battery. However, if you think of them primarily as portable jump starters and battery chargers, it severely limits their potential.

    Car battery starters are also compact storage bins for electrical energy, most of which are equipped with useful built-in accessories. They can be charged with a standard extension cord, wall-plug adapter, a USB port on a running vehicle, or a cigarette lighter-style 12-volt male adapter. And most chargers provide a combination of four charging options.

    Portable jump starters have their most basic function: charge a dead battery to start the car. All battery boosters have jumper clamps connected to the car battery terminals, and almost all battery boosters have reverse polarity protection, such as Foxpeed G29 car jump starter. Some chargers are equipped with easy-to-install semi-permanent accessories that allow you to quickly connect them to the car's starting electrics without the booster clamps. In addition, most jump starters have some type of flash or area light, and at least one USB port, which can charge mobile phones, tablets, car refrigerators, and other electronic products.

    foxpeed g29 car jump starter

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  • Travel without worry | Notes for use of jump starters for cars

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    The jump starter is used for emergency start of the car when its battery is dead and cannot start normally. It is necessary for some people who often need to go out for self-driving tours or outdoor experts. Although it is useful in many situations, but you also need to pay attention to it when using it, whether it is a traditional high-power lead-acid battery or the more popular lithium polymer battery power pack. We will introduce the contents we need to pay attention to below!

    1. Pay attention to voltage
    There are two main types of car jump starter. One is the traditional lead-acid battery. This type of battery booster is relatively large and the current is generally relatively large, therefore, we must pay attention to use it and do a good job of protection measures, otherwise it's easy to hurt yourself; And the other is the more popular lithium polymer battery, it is relatively small, but you should pay attention to the voltage when you start the car. If the voltage is insufficient, it is difficult to start successfully, and the power in the jump starter is wasted. One of the most popular jump starters, Foxpeed G29, also USES high-speed polymer battery.

    2. Keep power sufficient
    Although the jump starter battery pack can provide greater current to provide power for auto start, but it is also only a mobile power supply. If it is not used for a long time, it will also have the problem of automatically reducing power. So even if we do not use it most of the time, we still need to recharge it from time to time to maintain full charge state and prolong the service life of our car jump starter.

    3. Pay attention to startup times
    Before we use the portable jump starter to start the vehicle, we need to know that it can start the car for how many times, because the power in the jump starter is limited. Sometimes the vehicle may not start successfully at one time, even if start failure will also consume power, so if you have not started the car after a few attempts, it is best to check whether the car cannot be started because of the battery dead.

    In addition to starting the car, most of the current car emergency starting power supplies have many other functions, such as being used to power computers, on-board video and audio equipment, etc., while in use, you also should pay attention to the power control when using them.

    Foxpeed portable jump starter

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  • How much do you know about car savior - Jump Starter?

    Posted by Foxpeed Team

    With the development of the times, more and more people have cars. However, many people have little understanding of the car's savior, Jump Starter, and the real old drivers almost have jump starters. This article will take you in-depth exploration.

    What is a car jump starter? It is a multi-functional portable mobile power pack developed for car owners. It features the ability to jumpstart a car if the car battery is dead or otherwise fails to start it.

    The embarrassment of not being able to start the car will occur in the following situations:
    (1) Forgetting to turn off the lights all night;
    (2) The weather is cold, the outside temperature is too low, and the battery feeding is serious;
    (3) The car is idle for a long time;
    (4) The battery is seriously aging.

    In the field of auto jump starter, there are generally two types of power packs on the market: one is lead-acid battery type, the other is lithium polymer type.

    Lead-acid battery jump starters are more traditional, which adopt maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. The weight and volume are large, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current are also large, which are not convenient to carry. Lithium polymer type of jump starters are relatively new, light in weight, compact in size, and can be mastered with one hand. This kind of jump starters is generally not equipped with a charging pump, but with multi-functions. Compared with lead-acid batteries, it is more practical and more cost-effective.

    One of the key indicators for judging whether a battery booster is excellent is the ability to jump and storage time, and storage time is the most important thing for older drivers.

    Foxpeed car battery jump starter is one of the most popular new brands among jump starters, with high-quality batteries, high-cost performance, long storage time and other advantages in the circle of car friends enjoy the reputation. The times are advancing, and technology is accelerating. Foxpeed has a positive effect on the entire auto parts industry. It has always been keen on using black technology to present the best quality products for every consumer.

    car jump starter

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  • How to solve the problem of car travel to guard safety and mood?

    Posted by Foxpeed Team

    Nowadays, private cars have almost become the standard equipment of every family, and they are the most comfortable, safe, practical, and convenient among all private travel transportation tools. In daily work, driving to work can get rid of the awkwardness and uneasiness of using public transportation tools, and enjoy free and comfortable commuting time; on weekends, you can drive family and friends to have a picnic in the countryside to relax and relieve stress; on long vacations, you can drive around with loved one witnessing the birth and maturity of love on the road, which is also wonderful.

    The fun of driving is rich and varied, but it requires a lot of attention. The most common problems during driving are car battery dead, car breakdowns at night, etc. These problems will not only affect the trip but also make it unsafe to stop at the roadside, and the original good mood and expectation may be destroyed.

    So how to solve these problems of car travel to guard safety and mood? A Foxpeed G29 portable car jump starter can fix all these problems. This power pack integrates six functions such as an emergency jump starter, portable charger, LED stable flashlight, S.O.S lighting signal, dual USB quick charge, cigarette lighter to help you solve problems on the road, and make outdoor travel easy and pleasant.

    G29 jump starter is specially designed to protect car owners' outdoor safety, so its design concept is rather hardcore. It supports the emergency start of cars, SUVs, lawn-mowers, vans, pickup trucks, yachts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other models. Equipped nine security protections: lithium polymer, overcharge protection, voltage protection, anti-reverse protection, constant current protection, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, temperature protection, magnetic field protection. On the basis of ensuring safety, the operation is also very simple, only need to correspond to the positive and negative poles, newbies can also easily start the vehicle instantly, without delay of one second.

    Its function is not only to start the car in an emergency, but its whole body has full practical functions. The LED wick embedded in its body: the glare LED flashlight can be used for vehicle maintenance and camping in the wild; SOS international distress light equipped at the same time can be used in sudden accidents that more people can find our location in time and life safety can be guaranteed.

    The most important for car jump starter is the battery. Foxpeed G29 equipped with 2500A peak and 21000mAh high-speed polymer battery instead of a normal starter, the battery capacity is not false. It is easy to start a 12V vehicle (8.0L gas engine or up to 6.5L diesel engine), or even RV, motorcycle, tractor, lawnmower, speedboat up to 30 times. When you need to charge electronic devices, this battery booster becomes a portable power bank that supports fast charging.

    The power supply has a fashionable appearance and exquisite materials. The exterior design is small and exquisite but elegant and generous, very convenient to carry. Using ABS resistant fuel casing and Acrylic high transparent lens which is more durable than the ordinary plastic material. The LCD screen is utilized to show the precise remaining percentage of power and the status of input or output of the auto battery booster, to avoid not recharging in time.

    It has to be said that Foxpeed G29 car battery jump starter is a must-have tool for outdoor vehicles. It can easily and quickly solve the difficult problems that affect your journey and mood and help you reach your destination safely and quickly.

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