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The jump starter is used for emergency start of the car when its battery is dead and cannot start normally. It is necessary for some people who often need to go out for self-driving tours or outdoor experts. Although it is useful in many situations, but you also need to pay attention to it when using it, whether it is a traditional high-power lead-acid battery or the more popular lithium polymer battery power pack. We will introduce the contents we need to pay attention to below!

1. Pay attention to voltage
There are two main types of car jump starter. One is the traditional lead-acid battery. This type of battery booster is relatively large and the current is generally relatively large, therefore, we must pay attention to use it and do a good job of protection measures, otherwise it's easy to hurt yourself; And the other is the more popular lithium polymer battery, it is relatively small, but you should pay attention to the voltage when you start the car. If the voltage is insufficient, it is difficult to start successfully, and the power in the jump starter is wasted. One of the most popular jump starters, Foxpeed G29, also USES high-speed polymer battery.

2. Keep power sufficient
Although the jump starter battery pack can provide greater current to provide power for auto start, but it is also only a mobile power supply. If it is not used for a long time, it will also have the problem of automatically reducing power. So even if we do not use it most of the time, we still need to recharge it from time to time to maintain full charge state and prolong the service life of our car jump starter.

3. Pay attention to startup times
Before we use the portable jump starter to start the vehicle, we need to know that it can start the car for how many times, because the power in the jump starter is limited. Sometimes the vehicle may not start successfully at one time, even if start failure will also consume power, so if you have not started the car after a few attempts, it is best to check whether the car cannot be started because of the battery dead.

In addition to starting the car, most of the current car emergency starting power supplies have many other functions, such as being used to power computers, on-board video and audio equipment, etc., while in use, you also should pay attention to the power control when using them.

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